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Long lasting tradition of high quality marble
High quality marble
International deliveries
Local and community oriented

The limestone in Surnadal is known to be among the best in Norway, with the following average analysis :

Undissolved   -    0,50%

Fe2O3            -    0,06%

Al2O3             -    0,25%

MgCO3          -    1,10%

CaCO3           -  98,09 %

Currently Glærum is making deliveries to The Netherlands and UK for architectural concrete and garden use. A private quay can accommodate vessels up to 4000 tonnes .

Glærum Kalksteingruve is proud to cooperate with local farmers, businesses and community, providing them with best product, cheaper prices and insuring lower environmental impact of delivery.

Maintaining the beautiful local beach is another point of pride for Glærum. We truly believe our work here contributes to development and blossoming of the Surnadal community.

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