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Today the production at the mine is solely based on tunnel work. The main production takes place at level 86z ( z=meters above sea-level). Here the mine extends over a distance of 3 km.

At both ends of the mine we are now recovering limestone at several levels, all the way up to the surface. In the western part of the mine the exploitation takes place below the old "Sjøflot" mine, which is located at level 160z and extends over a distance of about 1 km. By accessing new levels at 12 meters intervals we will eventually exploit the 2 mines together. At the same time we will continue to work our way downward to level 10z. Here the limestone remains untouched over the mine's entire extent. The reserves extend from "Årnes" in the west, where the limestone vein disappears into the sea, and east to "Rindalen" valley at a distance of 30 km. This implies based on a conservative estimate, that some 150 million metric tons of limestone are located here, but the quantity may as well be in the order of 500 million mt.

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