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The first stage of the crushing process is carried out in a crusher which is located inside the mountain between the levels 10z and 86z. There is a mine silo with a storage capacity of 1000 mt, which is sufficient to cover the daily capacity of the crushing unit. The first unit is a 250 mt German Humbolt jaw-crusher. The size of the jaw is 1,20 x 1,40 m. The limestone is further crushed in a 50 mt cone crusher. A vibrating Svedala screen, screens the limestone before it is stored in silos witch are located inside the mountain. Three fractions have been obtained by then: 0-8, 8-25 and 25-80 mm. Transport to the quay is by means of a conveyer belt.

The second part of the crushing process takes place at the quay. A 36" Morgaardhammer crushes the limestone into smaller fractions. Storage of finished product takes place in five silos with a capacity of 500 mt each. On top of the silos there is a screening plant witch splits the material into the fractions 0-1, 1-3, 3-8, and 8-16 mm. We also have a storage building where we store 0-1 mm agricultural limestone, and open-air storage areas for 0-3 mm coarse agricultural limestone, 3-8 mm gravel and 0-8 mm rubble.

At the quay we also bag limestone in small - and big (portabulk) bags.

Finished product is dispatched by truck or loaded on vessels.

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